Salò, 6 July 2020 – Summer marks the start of the Cedral Tassoni billboard campaign whose theme for this year is the Cedrata Limited Edition

For the entire month of July, vertical banners and special billboards of various formats (shelters affixed with stickers, signposts and banners) will be positioned close to select large-scale distribution outlets in the regions of Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, aimed at promoting the Limited Edition of Cedrata which will be on sale throughout the summer starting from June. 

The cult soft drink by Tassoni which, with its distinctive yellow colour and unique flavour, has been on the market since the 50’s in a small glass bottle recalling citron peel, is now being presented in clusters of 4 or 6 bottles containing some amazing surprises. The exclusive packs contain 1 coaster/magnet printed with reproductions of historic Tassoni advertisements, destined to become collectibles. 6 subjects have been selected from the historic archive of Cedral Tassoni icons. 

Inside the pack, lucky customers may even find an exclusive invitation to spend a day at the company, visiting the historic headquarters of Salò and the production plant. 

The launch of the Limited Edition has already been announced on all the corporate Social channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) and backed up by an innovative campaign which has created expectations and engagement in the Tassoni community. 

Out of Home advertising flanks the campaign in course and targets end-consumers. The aim is to achieve immediate visibility and encourage the purchase of this product by habitual customers who already love the iconic Cedrata and admire the brand, as well as to intercept “new Tassoni consumers”, a young target constantly on the lookout for fresh and original flavours and keen to discover traditional Italian excellences.