Consistent growth in operating results, completion of the project to automate the historic Salò production plant and the new flagship product: Tonica ai Limoni del Garda

Salò, 13 February 2020 - Cedral Tassoni closes 2019 with the fifth consecutive operating result showing a positive trend, yet another confirmation for the historic company of Salò, which was first founded in 1793 and has belonged to the same family for four generations. In January 2020, the new automated production line was inaugurated, enabling the company to address a growing demand for its products on overseas markets and to reinforce its Italian business serving Horeca and large-scale distribution, as well as the emerging on board channel (planes, trains, ships…), with a special surprise for Spring 2020. 

We have an infinite unexpressed potential, especially on export markets – states CEO Elio Accardo – for this reason, we have invested 3 million Euros in the last 3 years, above all in production, with the specific intent to satisfy customers’ requirements and to respond effectively and efficiently to their needs in terms of product availability. Our objective is to double our non-Italian sales. The export market calls for a different approach to that of Italy – Accardo goes on to explain – suffice it to say, for instance, that many foreign consumers are not familiar with citron or peach and therefore it is no simple matter to describe our products and their unique characteristics. As we see it, the magic word is ‘Italianness’, backed up by our 227 years of company history, by carefully selected ingredients and, therefore, by the naturalness to be found in our soft drinks, and by a brand renowned for its quality. We have strengthened our positioning in the on board channel: from Alitalia to Trenitalia and Neos. This operation has reinforced our business in Italy, but we also manage to reach an intergenerational and international target.” 

The USA, the UAE, India and Russia are the countries in which we will grow our distribution partnerships in the new year, through dedicated projects. “The export trade is not easy, but in this year of 2020 we will be ready and well positioned to optimize its development – confides CEO Elio Accardo – Every country has its own legal requirements with regard to labelling and, of course, the need for language localization. Our new plant machinery affords greater flexibility, and guarantees greater efficiency, also with regard to batch customization.” 

According to Cedral Tassoni, the large-scale distribution, Horeca and e-commerce are the channels to focus on in the ambit of exports, no product line excluded: soft drinks, cordials and liquors. Owing to its taste, packaging and straw yellow colour, Cedrata is very popular in Asian countries, while Americans are particularly fond of Tonica, which they like to drink neat or mixed in the classic gin tonic cocktail. “In a short space of time, Tonica Superfine has achieved excellent results worldwide and this has prompted our Research & Development department to put the new Tonica Superfine ai Limoni del Garda into production, which will be officially marketed in Italy and abroad through all channels, starting from next Spring” declares CEO Elio Accardo. 

The new Acqua Tonica aromatized with Garda Lemons is an extraordinary example of how an agricultural heritage such as that of the Garda area, where Tassoni has been headquartered for as long as 227 years, may be recovered and valorised. 

In fact Garda lemons are sourced from an association of this area whose aim is to promote the tradition of locally farmed produce by boosting the agricultural potential of the Upper Garda. Ideal for mixing cocktails and for delighting the most discerning palates, Tonica Superfine has a short and transparent list of ingredients, and contains no added artificial flavours or preservatives. Its principal ingredient, which makes it one of a kind, is extracted naturally from the cinchona bark of Madagascar, giving Acqua Tonica its intense and clean note of bitterness. An alcoholate is added to the cinchona, extracted from the peel of lemons grown inside monumental stone greenhouses on the upper shores of Lake Garda in Brescia province since the early XV century.

The opportunity to highlight the small-scale local production of Garda lemons, which has always been a characteristic citrus fruit of this area, has convinced us to flank the existing and highly popular Tonica Superfine Tassoni with another spectacular product in terms of taste and tradition, also produced by Cedral Tassoni, a company that is ever attentive to the area in which it operates – states CEO Elio Accardo – From 2020, we will be promoting a new article through all sales channels: Soda Water. Soda Water had initially been developed for the American market and inserted in the products destined for Alitalia but it has been such a bestseller that we have now decided to extend its sale to our entire customer portfolio".

Since 2015, Cedral Tassoni has definitely upturned its approach to the market: new product launches have contributed to renewing the image of the company and consumers have been won over by the high quality of its products, fruit of an attentive analysis and research into ingredients and manufacturing processes.