Cedrata Tassoni: a style icon

Cedrata Tassoni was first launched in 1956, and soon became an authentic icon. The beverage comes in a 180 ml bottle of clear dimpled glass which enhances its sparkle and colour, recalling the peel of this particular citrus fruit and its freshness. No label: initially the name of Tassoni Soda was stamped directly onto the bottle. Down through the years, the bottle became even simpler: the brand and ingredients are only indicated on the unmistakable green and yellow bottle top. On the new bottle of 2011, the wording reappeared on the glass as a “retro” tribute to the tradition and history of Cedrata Tassoni.

The Story of Cedrata Tassoni

Cedrata Tassoni Soda was presented in 1956 as an “evolution” of the traditional Sciroppo di Cedro Tassoni (citron syrup): a fresh and thirst-quenching beverage. Its yellow colour, the unusual bottle design recalling citron peel and the sweet and sour taste of citron are the salient characteristics which make this product so unique. True to a century-old tradition, Cedrata is produced from choice Italian ingredients originally made from the Citrus Medica citrons grown on the shores of Lake Garda, today this citrus flavoured drink contains nothing but natural aromas extracted from the highest quality citrons - the “Diamante” variety - ripened in the Calabrian sun and sourced directly from the producer. Its list of ingredients is short and sweet to guarantee an all-natural product without any added artificial aromas or preservatives. Product quality is further guaranteed by an eco-friendly glass bottle.


In 2018 Tassoni implemented an action plan to renew the plant and modernize its production processes: today, new production lines and cutting edge machinery guarantee the highest standards of quality and efficiency for the continued creation of products which represent the best of the Italian tradition and the Made in Italy label. Enthusiastically promoted by the President of Cedral Tassoni, this project is fruit of strategic decisions whose primary goal is to preserve the all-Italian ownership of the company, which has actually been run by the same family for four generations


Cedrata Tassoni Soda is the iconic non-alcoholic sparkling beverage from Italy, with a sweet and sour flavour and a distinctive aroma of citron.

The secret for enjoying Cedrata Tassoni at its best? Serve Cedrata in a tall tumbler glass full of ice. Garnish with a slice of lemon and some basil or lemon verbena leaves.


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