Cedral Tassoni S.p.A
Salò - with Sole proprietorship

Registered company address:
Via Crocifissa di Rosa, 3 - 25128 Brescia - IT

Offices and Production Plant:
V.le Marco Enrico Bossi, 3/5 - 25087 Salò (BS) - IT

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Located in the centre of Salò, in via San Carlo 28, on the shores of Lake Garda, the Tassoni lounge bar offers cocktail tasting sessions and sells the entire range of Tassoni soft drinks, cordials and spirits. The walls of the venue are decorated with the original posters of the past… for a drink in a retro atmosphere.

Via S. Carlo, 28, 25087 Salò (BS), Italy

Tel. 0365 22686

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