Cedral Tassoni History

Originally founded in 1793 as a spice store, Cedral Tassoni is an Italian company headquartered in Salò on the shores of Lake Garda in Brescia province, where the offices and production plant are still located. In 2018, the company celebrated its 225th anniversary of business activity, a most important and uncommon achievement. Run by the same family for four generations, down through the years the business has grown to become a well-known brand of great appeal, managing to win the long-lasting affection of Italian consumers and unaffected passing fads and trends. Today Tassoni, whose excellence is acknowledged worldwide, is known for being one of the few producers which constantly and attentively controls the entire supply chain, in order to guarantee the quality of the entire product lifecycle.
The particular characteristics of the Cedral Tassoni story constitute the essential elements underlying the creation of the successful products the brand distributes worldwide: the tradition of distilling hydroalcoholic infusions obtained from citrons, a preference for quality ingredients and a controlled supply chain for the production of the company’s own aromas, from fruit selection to the preparation of aromas and the bottling of the end product, with a foresight and a name which, even today, after two centuries of history, delights the palates of true gourmets with a flavour that never disappoints.



It emerges from the “Tax book of liberal and mechanical arts and crafts in the esteemed Municipality of Salò” (relating to 1748 and subsequent years) that the register of spice-makers/craftsmen included the names of Bondoni Giovanni and Antonio, sons of Domenico, who owned a house and shop in Salò, later to be inherited in 1786 by their granddaughter Bondoni Bona, wife of Barbaleni Lelio.
The Spice shop acquired the right to operate as a Chemist’s in 1793, and was still owned by Barbaleni Lelio in the early 1800s before it was taken over by his son, Barbaleni Giovanni, and subsequently by his granddaughters Lucia and Carolina Barbaleni in the 50’s. By “petition and judicial decree passed on 12.11.1859” the property was transferred to one Barbieri Antonio and subsequently, in 1868, to Castelli Bartolomeo and to Tassoni nobile Nicola, son of Ludovico.


From a Chemist’s shop to a Pharmaceutical plant

Paolo Amadei purchased the chemist’s shop in 1884 and decided to give it an industrial character: he separated the Distillery from the Pharmacy and, in doing so, breathed life and energy into Cedral Tassoni, destined to become a dynamic company mainly focused on all those solutions offered by the citron fruit, of which Acqua di Tutto Cedro was the first creation.


New growth: Cedrata Tassoni cordial

In 1921, Dr. Paolo Amadei’s son Carlo took over the business from his father and the company entered a new phase of expansion. Carlo Amadei created a new product, Cedrata Tassoni, an inimitable cordial with an original flavour that met with great success on the market. This was largely due to Carlo’s good grasp of the essentials of modern industry: that of publicising the product by investing in advertising. The fine posters advertising Cedral Tassoni represent the typical advertising tastes of the 20’s and 30’s. It was during these years that a new slogan was launched: “it tastes good and does you good”, destined to be used in the popular TV commercials featuring Mina.


The 50’s:
from cordials to soft drinks

Tassoni Soda derives from the traditional cordial for serving with water and soda: a refreshing sparkling beverage, for drinking all through the year, whose advertising claim was “the Cedrata ready to serve in its ideal dose”.


The tradition continues

In 1966, Carlo Amadei left the business in the hands of his daughter Ornella. The sales of Sciroppo di Cedro and Tassoni Soda continued to grow and the communications strategy made good use of the new media. It was a period of great ferment: the company gave a new look to its communications with advertising in important newspapers and magazines, comprising the memorable TV appearances of Mina in the commercials of the 70’s. In 2009, daughter Michela took over the helm and implemented a new company course with the extension of the product portfolio, the targeting of new consumer categories, the promotion of a “mixing” concept applied to Tassoni products and the expansion of export sales. Under her management, Cedral Tassoni has penetrated new markets and distribution channels, while adding new products to its range, now subdivided into soft drinks, non-alcoholic cordials and spirits.


The new products

Since 2014, Tassoni has launched a number of new beverages on the market which have become bestsellers: Tonica Superfine Tassoni with the natural aroma of citron, followed by the Fiori e Frutti line. In 2019, the Fiori e Frutti line went ORGANIC and presented Tonica con i Limoni del Garda and Soda Water.

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The story of Cedral Tassoni can also be written through its communications: from the billboards of the early 1900s to the jingle sung by Mina in the 70’s. They form a heritage that is unique, evocative and steeped in recollections, one that has won over the affection of the Italian people and has become part of the collective imagination, thus creating an emotional tie that resists the passing of time.

Historic Archive

Image og Farmacia Tassoni in Salò

End 1800

Production plant Cedral Tassoni - Salò

Beginning of 1900

Italian General Exhibition

1898 Silver medal to Farmacia Tassoni

Universal Exhibition of Paris
1900 - Bronze medal to the production plant Farmaceutico Tassoni

Production plant Cedral Tassoni - Salò


Bottling line, Production plant Cedral Tassoni - Salò


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