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Tassoni Soda

First launched in the 50’s, it soon became an authentic icon.

A veritable pearl of design!

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Tassoni Soft Drinks

At the dawn of the new millennium, Cedral Tassoni implemented a strong growth strategy characterized by four important keywords: Italianness, quality, tradition and dynamism, which perfectly sum up the latest additions to the product range, such as the Premium Tonic Waters, Soda Water and BIO Line with aromas of flowers and fruit



The production and consumption of syrups has a longstanding tradition in Italy. The present-day offering from Cedral Tassoni is based on an attentive selection of ingredients to guarantee the high quality associated with the Made in Italy label. The Tassoni syrups are available in the 560 ml Liberty bottle and in the traditional 720 ml bottle



The complete Cedral Tassoni line comprises 10 Premium spirits.


Tamarind Extract “Erba”

Since 1898 Estratto di Tamarindo Erba has been known as the ideal thirst-quenching cordial for combating the summer heat and thirst. The tamarind is a leguminous tropical fruit-bearing tree. The extraordinary properties of the pulp contained in these pod-like fruits – also well known in the past – are ideal for rebalancing one’s energy and improving psychophysical wellness.

Tamarind nutraceutical drink

Today, extract of Tamarind may be considered a nutraceutical, that is to say, a food that contains nutrients with beneficial properties. It is therefore ideal for consuming all around the year. With its pleasing acidity, tamarind offers numerous beneficial properties: it is antioxidant, antibacterial, laxative and, above all, extremely refreshing.

Tamarind Properties and Benefits

This cordial, which contains extract of tamarind pulp, has an intrinsically high nutritional value.

  • Tamarind is a natural source of magnesium and calcium.

  • Magnesium helps support the energy metabolism and protein synthesis, as well as regulating the nervous system and assisting muscle movements.

  • Calcium is necessary for safeguarding bones and teeth while magnesium contributes to their maintenance.

Tamarind Extract contains fibers

Dietary fibre does not have a particularly high value in terms of nutrition but is nevertheless very important for our health. The dietary fibre in extract of tamarind regulates the absorption of some nutrients (by reducing and slowing it down), thereby helping to control levels of blood sugar and cholesterol.

How to use tamarind cordial for yours drinks

To prepare a deliciously thirst-quenching and refined drink, dilute the cordial in iced water.

Recommended dose:

One part of cordial to 5 parts of water.

Il nuovo The new cordial with extract of Tamarindo Erba,
produced and bottled by Cedral Tassoni at the Salò production plant
in the original Carlo Erba packaging, is on sale in individual
280 ml glass bottles in premium Supermarkets
and Hypermarkets.

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