Salò, 19 May 2020 - Cedral Tassoni quenches its loyal customers’ thirst for novelties by launching two incomparable products: a limited edition of the iconic Cedrata and the new Soda


Cedrata, the cult soft drink by Tassoni which, with its distinctive yellow colour and unique flavour, has been on the market since the 50’s in a small glass bottle recalling citron peel, is now being presented in clusters of 4 or 6 bottles containing some amazing surprises.

The exclusive packs of Cedrata Limited Edition, on sale at all sales points of large-scale distribution from June to August, will contain 1 coaster/magnet printed with historic Tassoni advertisements, destined to become collectibles. Inside the pack, lucky customers may even find an exclusive invitation to spend a day at the company, visiting the historic headquarters of Salò and the production plant.

We have made recourse to the rich historic legacy of company icons and have chosen 6 different subjects to reproduce on magnets/coasters. Our consumers will enjoy collecting them and, more importantly, may even find an invitation inside the pack to spend a day visiting the Company to discover the ‘world of Tassoni’. The intent behind this ‘special pack’ is to combine tradition and change” states Liana Castaldo – Italian Sales Manager for the large-scale distribution channel

Tassoni, an Italian company with 227 years of history, has updated some early 20th century advertisements for embellishing everyday objects such as magnets/coasters, as in this case.

“The Cedrata Tassoni Special Edition” will be subject to limited availability; it will be on sale at the same price, at leading large-scale distribution sales points, starting from June and throughout the Summer. The launch of the Limited Edition has already been announced on all the corporate Social channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) and is backed by an innovative campaign which has created expectations and engagement in the Tassoni community” adds Liana Castaldo - Italian Sales Manager for the large-scale distribution channel.

The other new release of the season is Soda Water. Initially launched on the American market, the new tonic water has proved to be a bestseller and therefore has also been made available to the Italian market, for the Horeca trade and some large-scale distribution organizations, in individual 180 ml bottles. 

Made from very few ingredients together with carbon dioxide, potassium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate, Soda Water is colourless and delicately sparkling, the perfect ingredient for mixing drinks.

In addition, Cedral Tassoni will continue to extend the distribution of its new Tonica Superfine con i Limoni del Garda, for the Horeca and large-scale distribution channels. Tonica Superfine con i Limoni del Garda is the aromatized tonic water which provides an extraordinary example of how an agricultural heritage such as that of the Garda area, where Tassoni has been headquartered for as long as 227 years, may be recovered and valorised. 

All the soft drinks, spirits and cordials are produced in the Salò plant, which has been totally renovated of late with an investment of 3 million Euros in 3 years. The introduction of the new production line now enables the company to respond effectively and efficiently to the demand for products on overseas markets and to reinforce the Italian markets of Horeca, large-scale distribution and the new on board channel (planes, trains, ships).

Traditional distribution channels apart, consumers may also buy all products directly from Tassoni Shop&Drink, the long-established lounge bar in Salò, which effects deliveries throughout mainland Italy and the islands, within 7 days of placing an order.